Prayer Requests

Current Prayer Requests from Shawn:

  • For my (and Brad’s) brain to absorb and my tongue to speak the Spanish language and for the time and mindset needed to do so.
  • For teams/team members to hear the call to serve on a mission team or to financially contribute to a ministry purpose (do a fundraiser to build a home, sponsor a month of missionary pay, etc.)
  • For growth in my prayer life and the spirit of fear/anxiety to stay away, especially surrounding handling of operations in a foreign country. For me to be ok with not being busy and taking the time to be creative and pray/think/relax.
  • For opportunities (& boldness when they come) in which all board members and I can share the story or our testimony of how Recycled Lives came to be and why we do what we do.
  • For me to know how (and what) to ask for help as needed.
  • For my family & friends and their processing (understanding) of God’s calling on mine & Brad’s life. For God’s goodness and protection in areas of their lives that are impacted by our “absence” and that the impact be that of a positive one creating growth in their faith walk (or decision to start one).

Past and still pertinent Prayer Requests:

  • God’s direction and financial provision in Shawn and Brad’s future transition into full time ministry in Guatemala
  • Sponsors for homes in Guatemala to be constructed
  • For mission team members and families that God has prepared in advance to hear their call to go and serve
  • Relationships with Jesus Christ to be strengthened through training, supporting and encouraging local Christians and their church leaders (Brad & Shawn starting a discipleship program/groups)
  • Peace & unity for Brad and Shawn’s family as they are away